For our main service, the way we charge for the house is by estimate feet of lights. We believe this is a more fair price diagram, instead of by the hour because your house is not a timed project. We lay-out everything according to you and then we start to assemble our pieces to the puzzle.



You can’t go 80% of the way there and just quit now, can you?!

Even though often overlooked when it comes to Christmas time, the bushes can add a very nice touch to the house by making it seem as if the entire house has a constant flow, deriving from the parallel lines with the house alongside the bushes.




What’s a good looking house with no landscaping?

To make the house look brighter and even stand-out more, lighting up the trees gives depth to the project with trees in the foreground. Trees that are right next to the house are good ways to accentuate peaks and provide depth for the house.




This group includes all of the other parts to the holiday lighting project. Whether it is candy canes lining the driveway, wreaths on the doors, or even Frosty the Snowman, we will set them up for you as long as you can supply them.

This group also includes the optional removal fee